mtee - capture stdin and write to both stdout and a Manta object.


mtee [-c durability] [-H header: value ...] [manta object]


mtee is like mput, but takes input on stdin instead of a file, and emits its input on stdout as well, much like tee(1).

mtee is also similar to mpipe, except that the newly created object does not become an output object for the current task, and using mtee does not prevent stdout from being captured.

For example, this will capture the output of cmd to manta object ~~/stor/tee.out and still pipe what was coming from cmd to cmd2:

cmd | mtee ~~/stor/tee.out | cmd2

The shortcut ~~ is equivalent to /:login where :login is the account login name.


mtee ~~/stor/tee.out
$ mtee -H 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' ~~/stor/tee.out
$ mtee -c 1 ~~/stor/tee.out


-c [number] Set the durability level for the object. Defaults to 2.

-H '[http-header]: [value]' Headers to set on the resulting PUT request to Manta. For example, Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *.


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