mln - make link between objects




mln creates a link to TARGET with the name LINK_NAME. Links in Manta are allowed to be created by pointing at an object only, and are semantically different than a UNIX link (both hard and soft). Links in Manta are essentially a "snapshot". That is given object A and a link B to A, when A is overwritten to be A', B will still return the original value of A.


Creates a link from README that snapshots the contents of

mln ~~/stor/ ~~/stor/README


-a, --account login Authenticate as account (login name).

-h, --help Print a help message and exit.

-i, --insecure This option explicitly allows "insecure" SSL connections and transfers. All SSL connections are attempted to be made secure by using the CA certificate bundle installed by default.

-k, --key fingerprint Authenticate using the SSH key described by FINGERPRINT. The key must either be in ~/.ssh or loaded in the SSH agent via ssh-add.

--role=ROLE,ROLE,... Specify which roles to assume for the request.

--role-tag=ROLE,ROLE,... Set the role tags on the created link.

--user user Authenticate as user under account.

-u, --url url Manta base URL (such as

-v, --verbose Print debug output to stderr. Repeat option to increase verbosity.


MANTA_USER In place of -a, --account.

MANTA_SUBUSER In place of --user.

MANTA_KEY_ID In place of -k, --key.

MANTA_ROLE In place of --role.

MANTA_URL In place of -u, --url.

MANTA_TLS_INSECURE In place of -i, --insecure.

The shortcut ~~ is equivalent to /:login where :login is the account login name.


When using the -v option, diagnostics will be sent to stderr in bunyan output format. As an example of tracing all information about a request, try:

mln -vv ~~/stor/foo 2>&1 | bunyan


DSA keys do not work when loaded via the SSH agent.

Report bugs at Github