Modified: 06 Jan 2023 17:17 UTC
Stability: Unknown

With sdc-docker, there are some limitations on volumes that are slightly different from Docker Inc's docker:

Experimental support for NFS shared volumes

The NFS shared volumes feature is described in detail by its corresponding RFD document.

To enable support for NFS shared volumes in Triton, run the following command line from the head node:

sdcadm post-setup volapi
sdcadm experimental nfs-volumes docker
sdcadm experimental nfs-volumes docker-automount

This command will create a new core zone that runs the VOLAPI service, which implements the Volumes API. It will also enable the experimental_docker_nfs_shared_volumes and experimental_docker_automount_nfs_shared_volumes metadata properties in SAPI.

At this point, all docker volume commands are supported but only for the 'tritonnfs' volume driver, which provides support for NFS shared volumes. Note that the 'tritonnfs' volume driver is considered to be the default and thus does not need to be specified in the docker volume create command for it to work.

The experimental_docker_nfs_shared_volumes SAPI flag can be set to false in SAPI to disable support for NFS shared volumes by running the following command line:

sdcadm experimental nfs-volumes docker -d

After disabling this setting, running docker volume commands will result in an error message.