Log Drivers

Modified: 08 Sep 2022 04:28 UTC
Stability: Unknown

With sdc-docker there is now (limited) support for the --log-driver and --log-opts functions. Important differences include:

The most important difference however is that the platform that you are using on your CNs needs to support a given log driver before you'll be able to use it. If you specify a log driver that is not supported by a CN that you're provisioning to, one of the following will happen:

In order to reject these sooner so that this does not happen, we have added the enabledLogDrivers config option which can be set through the SAPI metadata for the docker service. In order to enable the json-file and none drivers for example, you can run:

sdc-sapi /services/$(sdc-sapi /services?name=docker | json -Ha uuid) -X PUT -d '{ "metadata": { "ENABLED_LOG_DRIVERS": "json-file,none" } }'

from the headnode GZ once you've ensured that the platforms on all your CNs support these drivers. Also note that all platforms that support LX docker VMs will work with the json-file driver.