Modified: 28 Apr 2022 01:33 UTC
Stability: Unknown

CLI Usage: docker ps [OPTIONS]

List containers

  -a, --all=false       Show all containers (default shows just running)
  --before=""           Show only container created before Id or Name
  -f, --filter=[]       Filter output based on conditions provided
  --format=[]           Pretty-print containers using a Go template
  -l, --latest=false    Show the latest created container, include non-running
  -n=-1                 Show n last created containers, include non-running
  --no-trunc=false      Don't truncate output
  -q, --quiet=false     Only display numeric IDs
  -s, --size=false      Display total file sizes
  --since=""            Show created since Id or Name, include non-running

docker ps will show only running containers by default. To see all containers use docker ps -a.

docker ps will group exposed ports into a single range if possible. E.g., a container that exposes TCP ports 100, 101, 102 will display 100-102/tcp in the PORTS column.


The filtering flag (-f or --filter) format is a key=value pair. If there is more than one filter, then pass multiple flags (e.g. --filter "foo=bar" --filter "bif=baz")

Current filters:


No output truncation

Running docker ps --no-trunc showing 2 linked containers.

$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                        COMMAND                CREATED              STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
4c01db0b339c        ubuntu:12.04                 bash                   17 seconds ago       Up 16 seconds       3300-3310/tcp       webapp
d7886598dbe2        crosbymichael/redis:latest   /redis-server --dir    33 minutes ago       Up 33 minutes       6379/tcp            redis,webapp/db

Containers that exited without errors

This shows all the containers that have exited with status of '0'

$ docker ps -a --filter 'exited=0'
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE             COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS                   PORTS                      NAMES
ea09c3c82f6e        registry:latest   /srv/            2 weeks ago         Exited (0) 2 weeks ago>5000/tcp   desperate_leakey
106ea823fe4e        fedora:latest     /bin/sh -c 'bash -l'   2 weeks ago         Exited (0) 2 weeks ago                              determined_albattani
48ee228c9464        fedora:20         bash                   2 weeks ago         Exited (0) 2 weeks ago                              tender_torvalds

All containers created before $UUID with total file size

GET /containers/json?all=1&before=8dfafdbc3a40&size=1 HTTP/1.1


This command does not support the Size field. All sizes will be returned as 0. See DOCKER-285 to follow this issue.

Please contact Joyent support or file a ticket if you discover any additional divergence.